Grandma's Porch

When we were children we spent many a day sitting and playing on Grandma Morneau's porch.  The house is gone now but the wonderful memories still linger.



Moms a Teenager

Cecelia Marie Morneau
(Circa 1932)

Mom spent her entire youth in this home in Detroit, MI near the Michigan State Fairgrounds until she and my dad were married in 1938.  As children, my brothers and I lived here for brief periods of time when my dad was in the war.  I have fond memories of this house, neighborhood, and my grandparents who also lived here their entire lives until their passing in the late 70's.



U.S. NAVY 1945

 Happy 91st Birthday, Dad

 John Laurier Decoteau



Dad Made My Rocking Chair

Before I was born, my dad made this chair for me. 
He used a lathe and wood from an apple and a cherry tree.

 The chair has been passed down for generations
used by my children and now my grandchildren.



Adorable Siblings

Colton Avenue, Detroit

3 Adorable Children!  
Eddie, Jackie and Betty Ann


Our House on Erie Drive


Dad built our house and the boat we used on the lake.  A great home for 6 children growing up and living on Cass Lake in Michigan.  Swimming, skating, fishing, adventures in the woods...maple trees, elderberries, West Bloomfield High School and the 50's.




Grandma Morneau

Lillian Gertrude Morneau 
Detroit, Michigan  (circa 1948)


Johnny & Bobbi were Sweethearts

1938 Dating in the old Model A
Mom and Dad


The Old Photograph Album


Family Picture Scrapbook